Sometimes life is extremely complicated
Sometimes life seems too hard
Sometimes life throws curve balls
Sometimes life takes away the people you love
Sometimes life makes you happy
And it might hurt a lot
But life is short, vivid and beautiful
We all just have to do what we can to survive.

Getting My Shit Together

Starts today, I keep saying I’m doing it, I think today is going to be a bad day.

I need to start accepting that, rather than just doing everything I can to avoid it with stupid distractions.

  1. I need to get my debt in control ~ I’ve more than doubled it in the past 60 days. Gone from $3800 to over $9000.
  2. Sort out my finances ~ back date all my fucking invoicing.
  3. Clean up my room ~ like a proper deep clean throw shit out
  4. Get a gameplan for Voena
  5. Start meditating *daily
  6. Set up a running schedule
  7. Stop eating fucking McDonald’s and other shit food
  8. Get some fucking sleep at night
  9. Keep writing, to see where I’m at, and what’s going on
  10. Figure out what the fuck I am doing for my birthday
  11. Stop the excessive partying
  12. Quit drinking every other goddamn day
  13. Stop talking about my relationships ~ (Not internalise it either, just start to practice the art of letting go more on that here if anyone is interested)
  14. Surround myself with people who are making the most of their lives ~ Cut out those that are destructive, creating problems
  15. Organise a place to stay in the US (I’m in NYC May 18 courtesy of Vice/General Assembly)
  16. Give up porn/masturbating/sex for a month ~ A no women diet persay ~ There is a few reasons for this. Check out your brain on porn, to see the damage it does. Also I just think that I’m single, I feel like shit, trying to fall out of love feels terrible, trying to avoid that isn’t helping. 
  17. Search for a place to move out to in the inner west.
  18. Stop using the internet as a constant distraction from shit you should be doing.
  19. Continue to add to this list, and start using my goddamn diary again.

You only lose what you cling to - Buddha

I’ll never forget the first time I met you.
You kissed me.
And then quietly told me you liked me.
Your eyes lit up, and everything was quiet
And then suddenly everything in my life changed.
I felt a quiet strength, that roared when it needed to,
That’s something you gave me,
I wouldn’t take back any of it, for all the heartache and pain,
There is not a part of me that wants to forget,
And if I’d known in those first few moments,
What you’d end up meaning to me,
I would of clung on more tightly to each breath.
Everything was perfect, and from that moment on,
A part of me was yours to keep.

Latch - Dislcosure Ft. Sam Smith

I’m sorry. I’m sorry to anyone who has to put up with my shit right now.

And I wish there was a way to make me a better human being.

Tensnake Feat. Nile Rogers & Fiora ~ Duke Dumont Remix

When you lose someone or fall out of love, sex is easy to replace, but it’s the closeness and the intimacy and the understanding and the love that you had for them that isn’t easy to replace. Intimacy doesn’t equal sex, and comfort is different from love.

And if you want to keep your soul keep your honesty, because otherwise your hurt becomes theirs.

And that’s not fucking fair.

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry someone felt the need to send you those anon messages. I hope you're doing okay. You're such a strong soul. You always come out on top.

Thank you. ~ I hope so.

Anonymous asked: Grow up you coward. You didn't deserve to be with her anyway. You literally are the most self entitled pretentious prick. No one wants to hear about it.

I don’t want you anywhere near me. Get your fucking world out of my head.

Plot twist: I stop drinking from your poisonous cup and get my happily ever after.

"if someone hurts you, stay the fuck away, no matter how hard it is, stay the fuck away"

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I will never be with anyone treats me like this. I hope the comfort of his skin against yours and your short breaths as he makes you cum are cursed with the thoughts that we will never be together again. That sickening feeling that by doing this we grow apart moan by moan. No song reminds me of you. No place will be ours. And our shapes and contours in bed will never occupy the same space.

I’ll miss you.

I’ll miss you.

Vague distant memories of another night out.