You’ve Been Served.

You just need to serve what you love, not serve your emotions, a lot of those are predominantly useless. They’re there because you’re not doing what you want to do. They are your constant reminder to get off your ass, or drop the shit you don’t want to be doing. They’re there saying, stop being a dickhead, do what you want to be doing, not this shit. They’re there throwing you off what you need to be doing. And you are standing there using them to create excuses.

You create the experience you want through your actions, and through your underlying motivation. If your motivation is to escape, or to avoid, or to play it safe, then you’ll never really get what you want, because you can’t escape, and you can’t really avoid life until you’re dead.

HOWEVER if you want to create something. You can do that every moment with the intention behind your actions.

Surrender. Surrender to whatever it is you really desire doing, and creating that. Do whatever it is you want to do, and when that gets old, keep looking to explore whatever it is that makes you feel alive, that you want to do, that creates the life you want.

Sunday’s got me turnt lyk

Looking inwards is the hardest thing we may ever do. To take a look at ourselves, and really just say: I am ok with this, I am ok with being me, and I can accept who I am.

To really be vulnerable with ourselves. To let go of whatever it is that we’re feeling, whatever it that’s hurting us, and to slow down and really just feel whatever it is we’re going through.

For many of us, that will involve feeling hurt, anxious, unnerved, and just generally not the greatest tinge of feelings, and it might not be that there’s that much of that feeling there.

But it’s all things we don’t want to feel, but continue to do anyway because we just leave it alone, but it’s always there, it’s always with us, even when we’re distracted. And whether we admit it or not, that’s how we’re choosing to live.

If we stop running away and spending so much time looking outwards for the answers, and saying tomorrow will be better if we just get through today, and instead just accept what we’re going through, and then take time to let ourselves experience that. The storm normally passes.

For most of us… It’s really when we leave it alone so long that the storm becomes a hurricane, and pulls us too far away from where we want to be. A drift without an anchor, and we’re too busy being distracted to notice, that the life we’re putting together isn’t the one we want to lead.

One of the most beautiful pieces I ever heard on talk back radio was from a nurse, whom at the time of the story was in her mid twenties, a new resident at one of Sydney’s hospitals. This was recounted, from what I understand years later.

There was this old woman, who in the final six months of her life, had to spend it in hospital

This woman had a glow about her, she might of been very old, and quite frail now, but she had this marvellous glow. She was beautiful, despite her age, and she was able to carry herself still with grace. She had kindness to the strangers she worked with, and she had accepted her memory, and her body were starting to fail her, and was grateful that she had the help she needed.

In her final weeks, she became increasingly frail, but that beauty and wry smile was still there.

Inevitably on a Thursday around midday on a beautiful summers day she passed.

At this stage, the nurse hadn’t seen that many dead people, she was quite new to the profession.

But her first thought was… She’s no longer beautiful.

And her impression of beauty instantly changed. It was not from how this old woman had looked, but it was the glow she carried, it was the way she carried herself, it was from her understanding that beauty is not skin deep. And she had held onto the way beauty made her felt through her years.

She had carried beauty, by feeling beautiful, and for the first time the nurse noticed, that beauty wasn’t just in the eye of the beholder, but it was an innate quality that some people held throughout there lives.

So don’t say beauty is skin deep, you can feel it, when it’s deeper, you can see it in peoples eyes, you can feel it when you’re with someone who you feel is beautiful, and who is beautiful to you.

This remix listened to 5X already today.

Caledonian, rich and young
Self-entitled portrait
Court in session, justice done
I’ll rush into it anyway
Forever is for everyone else
We’re off a couple secrets
Another lonely Tuesday home
Stole the kisses anyone near

Blurry eyed vision
I dare you to hurt
As much as I do
I dare you to feel
The way that I do
Scream, violence
Punch, punch, punch,
Push, pull, bite, fall,
That’s the way
To feel invincible
And these streets
Are littered with
Broken bottles that
Once contained
The messages of
Hopeful youths
Who aimed to shape
This century
But money talks in
Muted tones
That they will never
Quite understand
And these old wise
Men, hold power
That sits beneath these
Old oak tables
And you’ll never pay
Much attention to
The broken shells
Who will shape this
Humble country
As they go to war
With everything that
You once held
So fucking dearly.



This track. This track on repeat This track at 3am with company. This track that first time you make out with someone. This track as you link hands with someone and pull them close. This track when you get goosebumps from the way someone makes you feel.

Group photo with @hollabackboi @joshdontwantnoscrub @aripash and @bellnjerry and some fucking weirdo in a scarf.

Group photo with @hollabackboi @joshdontwantnoscrub @aripash and @bellnjerry and some fucking weirdo in a scarf.

Experimenting - film shot overplayed onto a digital I shot.

Experimenting - film shot overplayed onto a digital I shot.